Weather Is Starting To Cooperate With Duck Hunters

The second season of hunting opened in Louisiana this past weekend and mother nature was cooperative for once!

According to Louisiana Sportsmen, the extreme conditions the region saw this past weekend led to a nice harvest for many area hunters. While most of the reports indicated that the ducks weren’t the larger coveted breeds, there were plenty of reports of hunters shooting their limit of birds.

This is in contrast to early season reports, where the birds were few and far between.

Hunting opened great on Saturday morning, and although plenty of ducks were shot on Sunday, the nasty weather made for a rough day of hunting. But such is life of a delta duck hunter!

Weather forecasts for Canada and the Northern US continue to show increasingly cold temperatures which should result in birds being pushed further south. That means the hunting should continue to improve as the season progresses.

Impact of Weather on Duck Migration

This video was shot a few days before that last weekend, but it does a great job of explaining how the weather up north is going to start pushing more ducks this way: