shooting ducks after a full moon

Hunting Ducks On A Full Moon

You set your alarm for an hour early enough to give a sane mane pause. Braved the bitter cold and fought with crowd at the public boat launch. After racing to your “honey hole” and setting your decoys just-so, you settle in and sit in anticipation and wait.

First light comes and a few wood ducks buzz through, but no major movement. No big deal, you’re in no rush, and can wait a bit longer. But then “a bit longer” stretches into, “where the heck are the birds?!”. We’ve all been there, and it’s frustrating to be sure.

But did you remember to check the lunar calendar? If not, you may want to hang out for just a bit longer before heading in for a sad breakfast.

During a full moon ducks will feed heavily at night. That means they will often times not be near as active in the early hours of the morning just after dawn.

According the team at Fowled Reality¬†factors such as temperature (with the possible exception of massive swings or sub-zero temperatures), overcast clouds, or wind, still don’t override the impacts of the full moon. Check out this video to learn more: